quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

Quando as andorinhas levantam vôo da nossa loja...

 podem muito bem aterrar numa secretária do The New York Times...

"The relatively new A Vida Portuguesa store in Intendente also proved to be a trove of Portuguese décor. “This is a place that definitely makes you want to buy stuff,” said Mr. Duarte, adding that although he isn’t usually an avid shopper, “I bought those pillow cases, that bath mat, I almost bought those melamine dishes.”

Near the entrance, the ceiling was covered with ceramic birds, handmade replicas of the andorinhas, or swallows, that have become a symbol of the country. The store sells two versions: one made in collaboration with Bordallo Pinheiro, the centuries-old ceramics factory, and a less-expensive version for those who prefer symbolism over provenance."

Rima Suqui
The New York Times