quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012


Num número que dá amplo destaque às questões da Lusofonia (e onde se afirma que "o português é a nova língua do poder e do comércio"), a revista Monocle lança o foco sobre as nossas lojas:

Brand awareness. Portugal (shopping). Showcasing Portugal's most traditional products - from toothpaste launched in 1932 to kitsch canned food - A Vida Portuguesa is an obligatory stop in Lisbon for anyone interested in vintage brands. Now owner Catarina Portas has opened an outpost in Porto too. Her interest in retro design started during her days as a journalist, when she researched branding during the dictatorship.
"Some of these products were vanishing from the market," she says. "I loved their fun packages and decided to present them to new generations." Our favourites are the Claus soaps (see issue 52) and Alentejan blankets. - SRT (Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi) avidaportuguesa.com

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