quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Hip & stylish

"On my recent trip to Lisbon I visited this hip shop in the Chiado district. A Vida Portuguesa is an old fashioned goods store selling traditional wares (soap, stationery... sardines) in a very stylish way. It has a lovely feel to it with ceiling-high vintage glass cabinets full of items wrapped in beautifully illustrated paper packaging and the most chic display of tinned fish I’ve ever seen.

Founder Catarina Portas set up the shop in 2007 when she realised some of the traditional products she grew up with were disappearing. It began almost as a way to save the packaging, but it has become more about building relationships with the producers. It's interesting to see that the grass roots movement of supporting and promoting and celebrating "local" is going on outside the UK as well." Caroline Kamp

Catarina Portas responde ao Q&A do blogue inglês INDIE OF THE WEEK.

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