quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010

Nostalgia trip

"A Vida Portuguesa offers souvenirs from Portugal's past. The quest for the perfect souvenir should end with the purchase of something that's authentic and genuinely representative of the place visited. And that's why we want you to know about A Vida Portuguesa, which boasts shop locations in both Lisbon and Porto.

Owner and founder Catarina Portas bought up entire stocks of old Portuguese products that she discovered were still being sold in their original packaging (the designs of which date from the 1920s to the 1960s), and scours her homeland for items that are locally produced and representative of her culture. She sells them in their delightfully vintage-looking boutiques - which are an experience in themselves - and, luckily for those outside Portugal, she also has an online shop. There's something for everyone, from hand-sewn napkins to natural soap, plastic toys and retro notebooks. loja.avidaportuguesa.com"

Num "Design Issue" que quer ser um "manual for modern living and contemporary culture", a "b there" não podia deixar de passar por Lisboa. Uma "wonderfully traditional city" que se tornou a "capital of cool". "After decades on the periphery of Europe's art and design scene, Lisbon is edging its way towards centre stage... thanks to some daring and innovative developments." Como por exemplo o MUDE, a Lx Factory e a Casa das Histórias.

"Out in Cascais, lapped by the Atlantic just outside the city, the extraordinary Casa das Histórias (300 Avenida da república, Cascais, tel.+351 214 826970) a sleek, modernist museum, the latest building project from venerable Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. Unusually, it's dedicated to a living artist, paula Rego: a local girl who now lives in London. Rego's acclaimed art was recently acknowledged in the Queen's list, and she's now a dame. The museum exterior resembles two truncated, reddish pyramids that are as eye-catching as Rego's vivid and faintly disturbing portraits held within." Revista "b there - inspiring business and travel in Europe", Setembro 2010 (brussels airlines. European network inflight magazine).

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