quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

"Made in Portugal goodies"

"Facing the Atlantic, Portugal's capital feels deceptively Mediterranean with its rich café culture and endless sunshine. Time well spent in Lisbon invariably involves a trek up one of its seven hills. The perfect place to soak up the local vibe is the historic Chiado district.

For a pick me up, try the kiosk in largo Camões for traditional refreshments: two favorites are leite perfumado (iced milk with cinnamon and lemon) and mazagran (sweetned iced coffee with a lemon slice). This old-fashioned food-and-drink stall, once a common sight in the city, was brought back to life by Catarina Portas, owner of A Vida Portuguesa (www.avidaportuguesa.com) on Rua Anchieta, an old school emporium selling must-have made in Portugal goodies, including Azorean tea and Claus Porto soaps in art deco wrapping."

Ivan Carvalho. Scanorama, Abril 2013.

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