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La Paz em todas as línguas

"With Portugal being the go-to place for most European based labels when putting together their collections, it’s no surprise that native Portuguese brand La Paz make some bloody lovely stuff.

To emphasise this point here’s my favourite picks from their A/W13 look-book, with the bold move of creating an Edwardian style cape winning them a handsome cab load of extra cojones points from the UK judges over here at Proper.

Their characteristic nautical vibes and tasteful choice of colours also combine to make a group of clothes that makes me want a holiday in Portugal as much as a wardrobe reshuffle."


"PORT OF CALL. In a lot of ways José Miguel de Abreu and André Bastos Teixeira's brand-new menswear label La Paz is a love letter to their native country. "We want our clothes to represent Portugal. You can make nice things here that have international appeal-just like Portuguese wine" Teixeira explains.

Launching with their fall '12 collection, La paz ("the peace in Portuguese) is a collection of easy-to-wear basics (think chunky cardigans, quilted wool coats, heavyweight T-shirts) tied to Portugal - from the man who hand-made their lace-up leather boots in the riverside town of Amarante to the flannel shirts modeled after fishermen in the Algarve.

But Go-Portugal! enthusiasm aside, the duo insist that their focus is to make good-looking, quality pieces with quirky details that add a sense of discovery to each garment, like double-layer elbow and shoulder patches with contrast knitting on sweaters, tea-dyed drawstrings on hoodies, or hidden buttons under the collars of oxford shirts. Because of these two, it doesn't need to be more complicated than that. We're not attached to trends" Abreu adds. "We just want to make clothes that can be worn by everyone - from young hipsters to my dad." CN LAPAZ.PT"

Nylon Guys

"Née de la passion pour les voyages, les vêtements et l’artisanat en provenance des quatre coins du monde, LAPAZ est certainement la marque portugaise la plus intéressante du moment. En s’inspirant de la longue tradition maritime du pays, cette toute jeune griffe puisse dans le style vestimentaire des pêcheurs et des marins locaux pour en extraire sa substantifique moelle. (...)

Véritable faire-valoir de l’héritage portugais, la ligne de vêtements pour cette saison hivernale 12/13 se veut chic tout en restant dans une gamme de prix abordables. On y trouve des pièces avec une touche classique, sans prétention, mais présentant une grande attention du détail et des matériaux de qualité. (...)

Nous sommes certains que LAPAZ part avec de sérieux atouts à la conquête du milieu de la mode, et nous espérons qu’elle saura garder ses codes et son authenticité. Pour info, la future collection estivale réserve de très belles pièces, mais nous en reparlerons en temps voulu…"

La Riche du Renard

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