quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

"The most beautiful packaging"

Que Portugal tem "the most beautiful packaging" já nós sabiamos (aliás, até foi por isso mesmo que A Vida Portuguesa nasceu) mas não deixa de ser simpático ter a confirmação, em várias línguas:

"I’ve already proved to you that Portugal has the most beautiful packaging, and this is yet another example: O Melhor shaving cream, after shave and soap by Confiança, a company founded in Braga in 1894.  Available here."

"Handmade Emílio Braga Notebook, with a cover made from vintage Portuguese wall paper and named after the founder of one of Lisbon’s best stationary shops which is now over a century old.  Available here."
E a loja do Chiado está incluída no "ultimate guide to Lisbon" do estiloso Au Pays des Merveilles. "Authentic portuguese products in a beautiful shop". Merci!

2 comentários:

Daisy disse...

Também sou fã/ cliente da Vida Portuguesa!

Mark disse...

We were in the Intendente shop at new year buying loads of fantastic stuff and they were playing a CD that we liked. They didn't have it for sale but told us who it was: The Legendary Tigerman 'Femina'
We've been able to buy it back home in England. Every time we play it, we think of that wonderful shop in wonderful Lisbon!

Hope to be back in the Autumn. We'll be stocking up on Mosgo Real and chocolate and sardines!

Mark & Lynne