quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

"Powerful iconic appeal"

"When it was established in 2006 by a Portuguese journalist (Catherina Portes), local residents wondered if this place was a shop or a testimonial to old-fashioned Portugal as it's remembered by anyone born during the baby boom of the 1950s. It occupies what functioned during the early 20th century as a warehouse for (very) old-fashioned cosmetics, especially rice powders and unguents that might have been in vogue before Salazar. Today, you'll wander through battered cases of retro-hip objects that you might find baffling, but which exert powerful iconic appeal to the Portuguese. What, for example, are soaps by Claus Porti, and how, exactly, should that kitschy plastic model of Saint Anthony be constructed and at what time of the year? Look for lavender waters, kitchen tools, handicrafts, artists' supplies, books, and pomades that evoke waves of memories for the Portuguese." The New York Times

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Liliana Costa disse...

It's indeed such an amazing place, beautiful