domingo, 23 de março de 2014

The Best of Lisbon

"Perhaps surprising to many, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, predating such international capitals as London, Paris and Rome. (...) Yet, Lisbon is also a vibrant cosmopolitan city. trendy cafes and boutique hotels are abundant. Designer shops and art galleries are busy and cultural and popular events fill the calendar. (...)

Best Souvenir Shop

So, you need a souvenir but a refrigerator magnet of a cockrell, or a T-shirt with an image of Cristiano Ronaldo is not what you have in mind? Step outside A Vida Portuguesa in the chiado. The store celebrates Portuguese identity with old-style products that are still manufactured today. Unique items like soaps, teas, toothpaste, bolts of fabric and cake forms are handmade or Portuguese-crafted. Most gifts are wrapped in charming retro packages."

Greg Boegner
Portugal Confidential

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